Charlotte Eagles Youth Club
Charlotte Eagles Youth Club
"Our mission is to glorify God and see lives transformed by communicating the message of Jesus Christ."
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Frequently Asked Questions:
What's our Vision?
Our vision as an organization is to generate teams of influential coaches and players who inspire people to flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted. Our vision will be lived out by these coaches through their conduct and leadership on and off the soccer field as they seek to make a deep impact on youth for Christ in Charlotte and beyond. 

What's our Philosophy?
Our philosophy revolves around maintaining the players passion for the game. We have witnessed firsthand the effects of burnout in young players and we whole heartedly want to avoid this. Soccer is a game of passion, and we are looking to pour into that passion as much as possible. 

What makes us different?
We desire to see God glorified over our own ambitions. We are pursuing more than just excellence in soccer. We are pursuing excellence in character first and foremost. Soccer will always be secondary to that. We submit our love of the sport of soccer, our pride and ambitions to the cross. We seek to develop players who are “Christians who play soccer” rather than “soccer players who are Christians”.
Who are our Coaches?
We believe our coaches are our greatest assets! All of our head coaches are full time missionaries with the Charlotte Eagles. This means our coaches will never show up for a practice or game burnt out or exhausted from their 9-5 day job. It is their full time job to make sure that their team has the best experience possible every time the team gathers together. 

Its about more than just soccer.
Our Coaches inspire and cultivate players who flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted.

We train coaches...
Our ministry has been training the best Christian coaches in the world for over 25 years. We then send these coaches into our community to make a tremendous impact.
We desire to inspire...
We desire for each of our players to be inspired to flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted. Success then is not defined by wins and losses but instead by transformation of our player's hearts. 
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