"Our mission is to glorify God and see lives transformed by communicating the message of Jesus Christ."
About Us 

About The Charlotte Eagles 

For over 25 years the Charlotte Eagles has provided our community with Christian leadership on and off the soccer field. Competing as the only professional Christian sports franchise for 23 seasons, the Charlotte Eagles set a new standard for Christian excellence in athletics.

On the field, the Eagles competed in the playoffs an amazing 16 of their 22 seasons in the Professional League. They reached the championship final nine times. Most recently playing in front of 20,886 people against Orlando City in the 2013 USL PRO Championship. The Eagles have won the USL-2 Title twice in their history, in 2000 and 2005. The Eagles have been named  the USL Professional Soccer Organization of the Year Award in 2015, 2004, and 2001. They have also received the League's Fair Play Award almost every year they have competed. 

Our Lady Eagles have enjoyed similar on the field as well. In their 15 years of competing in the W-League they reached the conference semi-finals three times, conference finals seven times, the championship match twice, and were national champions in 2001. Lady Eagles players have helped run local soccer camps for kids during the summer and participated in overseas outreach trips serving in the following countries: Australia, Colombia, Chile, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Thailand and Ethiopia.

The Charlotte Eagles have had over 400 men and women wear the Eagles crest. Having had their lives transformed by Jesus Christ, discipled by our Christian coaches, these men and women have gone on to become coaches, pastors, bankers, teachers, missionaries, athletic trainers, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers who influence thousands and thousands of lives throughout the world. 

We intend to carry that same ethos into our youth soccer club as we seek to provide parents in our community with an excellent product that encourages and reinforces the Christian values that they hold personally.

Our Vision

Our vision as an organization is to generate teams of influential coaches and players who inspire people to flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted. 

The training of coaches is central to our strategy. With that in mind, our coaches go through an extensive interview process, and each, have been trained in sports ministry, and signed a Statement of Faith approved by our Board of Directors. This means that your child will be taught by a leader who is rooted in a Biblical worldview that guides their decisions and actions and who places a high priority on prayer and submits their plans to the Lord, seeking His will in every endeavor.

Our vision will be lived out by these coaches through their conduct and leadership on and off the soccer field as they seek to make a deep impact on youth for Christ in Charlotte and beyond. 

What Makes Us Different

We exist to glorify God and see lives transformed by communicating the message of Jesus Christ through the environment of soccer. That is what drives our club forward on and off the field. We intend to generate teams of influential coaches and players who inspire people to flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted. This means we as leaders will come alongside you as parents and help cultivate the character of your young men and women. 

We desire to see God glorified over our own ambitions. We are pursuing more than just excellence in soccer. We are pursuing excellence in character first and foremost. Soccer will always be secondary to that. We submit our love of the sport of soccer, our pride and ambitions to the cross. We seek to develop players who are “Christians who play soccer” rather than “soccer players who are Christians”.

With that being said, we pride ourselves on our coaching experience and ability and will continually strive towards providing your child with opportunity for exceptional player development. We are confident that every player in our club will grow technically, tactically, mentally, and physically throughout each season.

Playing soccer at some point ends for even the best players. However the results of being a great son or daughter, a loving husband or wife, and an influential father or mother will be felt long after soccer careers end. We are seeking to raise up great future leaders and not just great soccer players. 


We will be competing under US Club Soccer, and will play at least 10 games a season including friendlies and tournaments. Our U10 and U12 teams may compete in local leagues where available.  

Sunday Play 

Our organization fully acknowledges and appreciates the principal of setting aside one day of the week to rest in God’s presence and provision. We also take seriously the exhortation in Hebrews 10:25 to "not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.” It is our express purpose that we keep the game of soccer in its proper place in our daily lives and more importantly in our hearts. If you look closely at our team’s crest, we have strategically placed the soccer ball at the foot of the cross to symbolize this value: "the game stays in submission to the cross". We do not desire for any player or coach in our organization from 5 years old to 75 years old to place more value on the game, the result, and/or their performance than they place on their relationship with Jesus. Our desire is for every player and every coach in our organization to place their identity as people solely in Christ’s redeeming sacrifice. We want our players and coaches to worship God not soccer. Better yet we believe that our players and coaches can and should worship God while they play soccer. That is what makes us different as Christians; the belief that everything we do (work or play) can be an act of worship. 

In light of these beliefs, we are not opposed to playing soccer on Sunday. However we will avoid holding practices on Sundays, and we will do our best to prevent playing games on Sundays. With that being said, 99% of tournaments that we participate in will have a Sunday morning game that may be during traditional worship service times, but we will always request that we play later on Sunday. Rest assured that there will never be any consequences or penalties for your child if your family decides to attend church during that game. We honor and respect each individual family’s values and convictions and urge all other parents and players to as well. Additionally, every time that we have a game on a Sunday morning, the coach will hold a mandatory team devotion, before or after the game, where scripture will be read and discussed and maybe even songs sung. Parents are welcome to attend this devotion as well. We believe these devotions, where the team is together with their peers worshiping God, just before or just after a big game, can be extraordinarily powerful in a young adult’s life, and we take that responsibility seriously. We do not believe this takes the place of the local church but we do believe it further sets us apart and can be an excellent evangelistic tool to opposing players, coaches, and parents.

Service Opportunities 

We believe that our club is more than just a collection of soccer players and soccer parents. We believe that our soccer players and parents have the potential to change the lives and futures of families in the greater Charlotte area. In a soccer context, we are always striving to teach our players to see outside of themselves and help them make decisions on the field that will benefit the team rather than the individual. This same principle can be applied to our communities and city. As a result, we are partnered with several non-profits in Charlotte that are making a difference and need volunteers. 

During the season, we will have several “Serve Saturdays” where the coach and their team (and sometimes parents) will volunteer with one of our non-profit partners! These “Serve Saturdays” will be age appropriate volunteer activities and will most likely be on Saturday mornings or afternoons, however that may change depending on the needs of our partners. Any changes that occur will be communicated as early as possible. 

We believe that committing to sacrifice several Saturdays each season in order to serve our community will be incredibly impactful for our players and their families. We want our players to see themselves not only as members of the Charlotte Eagles Soccer Club but also members of the community using their God given talents (outside of soccer) to enrich other’s lives!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child join the Charlotte Eagles Soccer Club? 

Open tryouts are in May and there are limited spots per age group. Players need to attend both evenings of the tryouts. When committing to the Charlotte Eagles, it is both for the fall and spring seasons. 

When will we know if our child makes a team? 

You will know within 48 hours of the last evaluation date whether your child has secured a place on a team with the Charlotte Eagles. This communication will take place through phone call. 

How is the weekly schedule structured? 

Your child will have two practices each week and one optional practice. These practices will be on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.  Games will be played at least two weekends of each month. Tournaments will be held over a Saturday and Sunday one to two weekends for our younger teams and three to four weekends for our older teams.  

Who will the Charlotte Eagles club teams play against? 

Charlotte Eagles teams will be a part of the US Club Soccer structure and compete against other youth teams from other clubs in the Greater Charlotte area. 

How far will we have to travel? 

We believe in keeping travel costs to a minimum. Most games we play will be within the Greater Charlotte area, but teams may travel up to two hours away for a tournament during a season. For our oldest teams, we may have one tournament a year that requires hotel arrangements. 

When will we know the schedule of games? 

Our goal is to have the full schedule of games for you by the beginning of September.

When does the Charlotte Eagles season start and finish? 

The fall season begins with parent meetings and practice the week of August 14th followed by a local tournament around the the end of August. Fall games will be on Saturdays and will begin in September. The fall season will end with a tournament in mid November. There is a winter break, and training and games resume at the beginning of February. The last game/tournament is the second week in May followed by evaluations around the fourth week in May. 

What is the cost of the Charlotte Eagles Youth Soccer Club? 

All prices below include both the Fall and Spring seasons. 

The cost for our U-10 teams will fall between $1000 and $1500.

The cost for our U-12 teams will fall between $1200 and $1700. 

The cost for our U-14 teams will fall between $1500 and $1900.

The cost for our U-16 teams will fall between $1500 and $1900.  

Are there any additional costs outside of those mentioned above? 

No, there are no additional costs or hidden fees after accepting an invitation to join the club. However each family will be responsible for hotel costs and travel expenses.

Its more than just soccer.
Our Coaches inspire and cultivate players who flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted.

We train coaches...
Our ministry has been training the best Christian coaches in the world for over 25 years. We then send these coaches into our community to make a tremendous impact.
We desire to inspire...
We desire for each of our players to be inspired to flourish in and for Christ wherever they are planted. Success then is not defined by wins and losses but instead by transformation of our player's hearts. 
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